Remote Start

Remote Starters, Keyless Entry, and Security for the Oneonta, NY area

There's nothing like a warm car on a frigid morning. Why freeze when you don't have to? With a remote car starter you can come out to a defrosted windshield and a comfortable ride to wherever you're going. Car remote starters (a.k.a. automatic car starter, auto start, etc.) are not just for winter, either. Yes, even in upstate New York we have some scorching summer days but your car can be nice and cool instead of sticky and stifling. With over 25 years in the business, Sound Solutions is the area's remote start and security specialist. Trust your vehicle to the professionals - local car dealers do.

We carry top products from Directed Electronics like Viper, Python, Avital, and AutoMate and use the best data interfaces from Idatalink, Xpresskit, and Fortin. We have one-way and two-way starters and alarms with ranges from 1000 feet up to a mile. A two-way remote starter provides feedback, letting you know that your command signal was received and your car has either locked, unlocked, or started. With Directed's Smart Start you can have unlimited range using your smart phone (additional module and subscription required). Whether you have a hybrid, diesel, manual transmission, pushbutton start, or just a regular vehicle chances are we can accomodate you.

Give us a call today at (607) 267-4870 for more information and a free estimate.